Barbecue season all time long

flo Premium Burger 180 g

100 % fresh beef, freshly minced and formed (not frozen). Grilled according to your desired level of doneness: rare, medium or well done.

flo’s fresh salads

Our salad consist of assorted, seasonal lettuce varieties, but always contain iceberg lettuce, radicchio and when possible rocket. They are served with our homemade dressing, and garnished with fresh herbs, carrots, corn and cherry tomatoes.

Grilled steaks

With our steaks we pay special attention to the natural rearing of the cattle breed, such as Black Angus and Hereford, the marbling of the meat, and the exact level of maturity, depending on the respective cuts, including loin, rump or fillet steaks. We only use premium meat, selected according to our strict criteria for quality and freshness.


Steaks & more from the grill

At flo, we serve exclusively premium Argentinean beef. We use only the best cuts, such as loin, rib eye and rump steaks, as well as the best of the best — the fillet steak.

We portion and slice our steaks shortly before grilling to ensure freshness and quality, and will cook it to your desired level of doneness: rare, medium or well done.

Rib Eye Steak 250g

€ 19,80

flo’s favourite, served with béarnaise sauce, a baked potato and sour cream

Pepper Steak 180g

€ 15,80

Sirloin steak, served with peppercorn sauce and steakhouse fries

Black-Angus Rump Steak 200g

€ 18,90

Tender cut from the rump with a strip of fat, served with herb butter, a baked potato and sour cream

Fillet Steak 200g

€ 21,80

Our most lean and tender cut, served with herb butter, a baked potato and sour cream

Small Steaks

€ 14,60

Grilled beef medallions, served with béarnaise sauce and steakhouse fries

Lamb Rump Steak

€ 15,60

Served with grilled vegetables, rosemary gravy and baguette

Wiener Schnitzel

€ 16,50

Tender, breaded veal cutlet, served with a lemon wedge, potato salad and cranberries

Grilled Chicken Breast

€ 12,70

Served with béarnaise sauce and steakhouse fries

Beef Burger 180g

€ 13,50

100% pure beef, homemade patty, served with braised onions, a fried egg, sautéed vegetables and béarnaise sauce (without bun)

Norwegian Salmon Fillet

€ 14,90

Served with wasabi dip and salad

Pike-Perch Fillet

€ 14,90

Fried on the skin, served with cooked spinach and mashed potatoes


€ 8,90

Grilled gourmet Bratwurst1 (pork and beef sausage) with German-style curry sauce, served with steakhouse fries

Gourmet Bratwurst1

€ 8,90

Grilled pork and beef sausage, served with steakhouse fries
Fresh Salads served with baguette

Garden Salad

€ 7,40

Fresh, crispy lettuce with house dressing, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, carrots and corn

Caesar Salad

€ 8,50

Romaine lettuce with Parmesan dressing, anchovies and croutons

Chicken Caesar Salad

€ 12,90

Romaine lettuce with Parmesan dressing, anchovies, croutons and grilled chicken breast strips

Green Salad with Chicken

€ 11,80

Fresh, crispy lettuce with house dressing and grilled chicken breast strips

Green Salad with Feta

€ 11,80

Fresh, crispy lettuce with house dressing, feta and tomato pesto

Green Salad with Prawns

€ 12,80

Fresh, crispy lettuce with house dressing and grilled prawns
Premium Burger from the grill

Our flo burgers are …

  • made with the best regional beef
  • formed fresh from the mincer (not quick-frozen)
  • without additives, flavour enhancers or preservatives
  • succulently grilled on our high-performance grill (cooked medium unless specified)
  • served on a sesame burger bun
  • prepared with homemade sauces and dips, as well as local and seasonal ingredients.

All flo burgers are, unless otherwise specified, served with lettuce, tomato, onion and house-dip. Our vegetarian patty is also prepared in house, and can be substituted into most burgers. Most burgers can also be served on our gluten-free bun.

Homemade Lamb Burger 180g

€ 9,90

Lamb patty with Greek yoghurt, lettuce, tomato, onion and parsley

Italian Connection 180g

€ 9,90

Beef patty with Gorgonzola cheese, rocket and tomato pesto

Mushroom Burger 180g

€ 9,90

Beef patty with grilled mushrooms and Parmesan

Cajun Chicken Burger

€ 8,90

Grilled Midwestern-spiced chicken breast with jalapeño dip

BBQ Chicken & Cheese Burger

€ 9,60

Grilled Cajun chicken breast with Hickory BBQ sauce and cheese

flo Club Burger 180g

€ 10,70

Beef patty with crispy bacon 1,5, braised onions and a fried egg

Mexican High 180g

€ 10,60

Beef patty with jalapeño dip and fresh avocado

The Classic 180g

€ 8,90

Beef patty with house-dip, iceberg lettuce, tomato and onion

Cheeseburger 180g

€ 9,90

The Classic with cheese

Special Bacon Burger 180g

€ 9,60

Beef patty with crispy bacon 1,5 and smoky BBQ sauce

Chilli Cheese Burger 180g

€ 9,60

Beef patty with chilli sauce, jalapeños, peppers and jalapeño cheese

BIG flo 360g

€ 12,90

2x 180g beef patties with braised onions

BIG flo Cheese 360g

€ 14,90

2x 180g beef patties with double cheese

Salmon Burger

€ 10,90

Norwegian salmon fillet with wasabi-and-lime dip, cress, tomato and iceberg lettuce

Homemade Veggie Burger

€ 8,90

Vegetarian patty with herb sour cream and tomato pesto

Veggie Burger with Cheese

€ 9,60

Homemade veggie patty with herb sour cream and cheese

California Vegan Burger

€ 9,90

Homemade vegan patty, made from kidney beans, carrots and corn, served with guacamole and corn salsa on a vegan bun

Gluten-free Burger

€ +1,60

We also offer gluten-free, individually wrapped buns, available in combination with all burgers, except the vegetarian burgers
Side Dishes available with steaks and burgers

Steakhouse Fries

€ 2,90

Sweet Potatos Fries

€ 4,10

Cheese Fries

€ 3,90

Cheese Fries with Chorizo 1,5

€ 4,20

Baked Potato with sour cream

€ 3,90

Mashed Potatoes

€ 3,00

Grilled Corn on the Cob

€ 3,00

Beer-battered Onion Rings

€ 3,90

with jalapeño dip

Side Salad

€ 3,20

with house dressing, cherry tomatoes, carrots and corn

Cooked Spinach

€ 3,50

with onions and garlic

Sautéed Vegetables

€ 3,90

(cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, carrots, green beans and pepper)

Béarnaise/Peppercorn Sauce

€ 2,50

Herb Butter

€ 1,50

1 Phosphate  •  5 Nitrite salting mix

Please ask our staff if you require any additional information regarding food allergies or additives.


Facebook & TripAdvisor

Beautiful ambience and good food! At the beginning I was a bit sceptical ... but it turned out that the Flo's is a great location for a burger dinner. The Mexican High and the sweet potato frieze are very recommendable. The price-performance ratio is also great. On warm days it can take a little longer to serve and order because it can get a little fuller outside.

KingBonesüber TripAdvisor

Fast, super friendly, and really tasty. Plentiful, very tasty portions where you are inclined to let the side dishes go before saturation. We can recommend them without any restrictions!

Sebastian F.über TripAdvisor

Super quality!!!
The burgers here are great! It's the perfect mixture of enough meat and rolls and toppings... I as a meat lover thought it was really good! The only difficulty? Normal food without looking crazy, at least your counterpart has something to laugh price performance surprises me again and again.

lilimchanüber TripAdvisor

Exceptional burgers and fries - food with style! Top!
By a coincidence we went there to eat. Service very friendly, everything very clean. Burgers and fries eat sometimes more exclusive and price-performance ratio is right! If we are once again in Stuttgart, we will definitely eat there again! There is no better way!

Cleanliness: 1 a / Friendliness: 1 a / Food: 1 a / Price: 1 a / Location: Near subway station

Patchwork2009über TripAdvisor

Very good!
We had dinner there yesterday evening. The food was great and the price/performance ratio was good. The only two flaws were the unfriendly service and the noisy traffic.

Mark H.über TripAdvisor

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